Vindictus Gets Its Biggest Update

On the cold temperatures break, I wrote an articles about how I had fallen deeply in love with the hack and slash MMORPG Vindictus. I enjoyed how the game was both free to-play and how it made amazing use of the origin motor. Sure, the sport was free, but it had similar shine to a large amount of the online activities which require a paid membership. The game was so excellent that I found myself powering through the content. The only disadvantage was that there wasn’t enough content, but that was understandable for a game that had only been available to the gaming community for just over two months. This gigantic update ensures that Vindictus is back and much better than ever. Let us take a peek at a few of the brilliant changes which have gotten me so excited.

Firstly, there is the apparent improvement of the fifth section of the story. This addition provides new equipment, new piece information, and a few exciting new fight objectives.

This content of chapter five revisits situations similar to the next chapter, in a brand new way. The missions of chapter five perhaps you have go further in to the icy atmosphere of chapter two, but this does not imply that there is recycled content. Part five’s situations offer a more complex model of the ice caverns and offers new enemies and difficult companies.

Subsequently, there’s been a significant escalation in the amount top. Players who have been previously faced with a level hat of 44 are now able to reach as much as level 66. This might not sound too impressive, but it’s a fantastic step from the limit. Furthermore, levels get a lot more in Vindictus then they do in other MMORPGs. In other games, significant growth might happen between hundreds of levels, in Vindictus huge growth occurs even just from receiving a few levels. Increased difficulty ways and additional chef gauntlet have now been included with undoubtedly force the power of those new levels.

Despite all these great improvements, the thing that excited me one of the most was the growth of the over all game world. The game had a lot of page and a main centre area based tasks in a number of themed environments, when i stated in my last Vindictus post. That new upgrade made some small changes which really improve the quality of the game. People are now able to venture out the back, Instead of being limited to just leaving to the vision outside the front of the community. People who walk out in this way is likely to be accepted with a wonderful trail on an open plain. This path results in a new city, but more to the point, this simple improvement removes a lot of the claustrophobia the game endured before. The trail is rather long and the tiny addition of this atmosphere really opens up the sport an gives depth to it. I can not wait to see what the designers do using their next major information upgrade, but it’s looking like it’s shaping up to become a good one.