Parking Lot 3 Review – Is It The Most Popular Car Parking Game?

Parking Lot 3 is a game based on… that’s right – parking a car. One of the most tedious and irritating parts of everyday life has been turned into a game! Thankfully, as a flash game you do not have to run the risk of doing real damage to your car or have to run deadlines or traffic wardens when you park. Parking lot 3 is in fact an enjoyable spin on parking – if such a thing is actually possible.

You control a car from a top down view. You play over a series of levels where the object is to park your car in a parking space while navigating obstacles including the side of the road, other cars, potholes, moving cars, ice among other things. To spice up your parking, the difficulty is increased by making the route to the parking space more difficult, or by making you drive in the dark, in the fog, in the snow and ice, and against a host of obstacles.

Thankfully controlling your car is easy with the use of the cursor keys to go forwards, reverse and steer. You also benefit from the top down view which gives you a birds eye view of exactly where you are going and the dimensions of your car. Not to mention the lack of people giving you advice! If only parking could be so easy in real life.

The difficulty curve of the game is relatively shallow, and you will find yourself getting through the levels fairly easily without any incident. It is only towards the later levels where the parking becomes really tight, and there is a host of obstacles that there is a real challenge. Thankfully you do get a lot of chances to park, and the time limit is fairly generous.

The graphics of the game are solid, and accurately reflect the hit boxes of the obstacles and your car for precision parking. It will run on a slow computer just fine, so you can practise your parking at any time. The music gets very repetitive after a while, and I recommend that you switch it off if you want to avoid it going around your head when you leave the computer.

The gameplay is enjoyable for what the game is. It is not a super addictive game or a killer flash game that will have you playing for hours and hours, and it does not pretend to be. It stands as a perfect little flash game where you can spend a few minutes a day completing another level to progress your parking further. You can save your progress so you do not have to go through all the early levels again, and you can just set yourself against the challenging parking spaces.

For those who could not imagine myself playing a game revolving around parking, you may be pleasantly surprised at this Parking Lot 3. It does provide a challenging distraction and is well worth trying out. The fact that this game has spawned several sequels shows its popularity.

Huge Inside The Living Diablo 3 Rare Metal

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How Is Online Rummy Better Than Actual Rummy?

Whenever there is something new on the horizon it is but natural to start having doubts about it. Online rummy is no different. Though the game of Indian rummy has been around for a very long time the online avatar of the game has caught on recently. As it is common when a hot favorite takes on a new form there is some fear regarding the change.

When rummy games started to appear on online sites there were a few myths that started to float around about the game making rummy lovers a little apprehensive about registering to play online. Some of these included:

The game is not the same when played online: Not true! Rummy when played online is remarkably like the actual game even down to the sounds, other effects and simulations.

Registration is expensive: This is absolutely false. In fact registration is easy, simple and best of all free!

The rules of the game have changed: This again is not totally correct. Except for a few very minor tweaks, the rules of the game remain totally unchanged. You can learn about these variations by browsing through the site

You cannot play free games: The opposite is true; you can play unlimited number of free games and even win cash while playing. There is no pressure on you to stop playing the free version of rummy online.

There are no measures to control misuse/ fraud: Not true! The site hosting the game endeavors to provide maximum security. This is done to maintain the reputation of the site as well as for the comfort of players.

Playing rummy for cash is not legal: False! As rummy is considered a game of skill, it is considered legal to play the game for financial stakes.

Your financial information will be misused by the hosting sites: The opposite is true as sites make it a point to ensure very secure financial transactions. In fact sites educate players on how to make their transactions as safe as possible.

The offers online do not deliver as promised: Once again this is not true. Offers on the site to encourage players to play the game do deliver as promised. You can verify this by looking up the list of winners on the site.

Now let us look at a few aspects that actually make playing rummy online better than playing the game physically.

How is online rummy actually better?

No waiting: You never have to wait for players to gather or place to be available to play the game when you play online rummy. The game is on 24/7 and players from across the country are online to play with you.

No shuffling, dealing, score keeping: Some of the tedious aspects of the physical game like gathering all cards, shuffling, distributing cards and painstakingly keeping score have been automated in Rummy Online Games, making it better.

More variants: The online game strives to provide you with more and more variants of the game keeping it interesting.

Better rewards: As most sites have great deals and promotions going on for players, you can expect to enjoy rewards that could include Gold Coins and other interesting prizes.

Quicker games and sharper skills: The game online is timed and makes you react to every move within a limited time making you a quicker and sharper player. This also makes the game very interesting.

Secure games: Since the site monitors the moves of all players and secure financial transactions, the game is more secure and there is lesser chance of fraud occurring.

Indian Rummy Games 7 Reasons Why You Should Play

Indian Rummy or 13 cards rummy as it is known popularly, is a beloved game of us Indians. We play this game as a form of recreation whenever we have large family gatherings and social occasions. In fact almost all of us have fond memories of the fun we used to have playing the game. With the social structure of our lives having undergone a dramatic change, those leisurely Rummy Game Sessions are a thing of the past.

However apart from the nostalgic value Rummy Games hold for us, there are so many other reasons we should play the game:

It is convenient: Now playing Rummy is no longer the logistical nightmare it used to be. Since Rummy is available online with a very life-like look, it is easier to play Rummy Games Online when the mood strikes you.

Keeps you sharper: It is a known fact that our brains benefit from a little mental exercise that is different from our routine tasks. Rummy requires you to be sharp and alert. You need to plan your game strategy and anticipate the moves of your opponents to win.

Helps you relax:Since Rummy Online simulates the game in a realistic way and the game itself is so much fun, playing Rummy Online Games can help you relax. It diverts your brain from your problems and helps you forget your daily problems.

Helps you interact: With the chat facility available on most online rummy sites, you can interact with the other players. Moreover since online rummy lets you play with a larger audience your interactions are dynamic and interesting.

It is lucrative: Playing online rummy offers you numerous opportunities to turn your rummy skills into money making opportunities. There are numerous sites that let you play free games to win cash. When you start playing cash games you get many offers and deals that substantially increase the chances of winning.

It is secure: Most sites offers you a secure portal for playing Rummy Online Games with cash. You can rest assured that there will be no misuse of your personal or financial information. The uppermost concern while playing online is misuse of your information, once you are ensured that this will not occur, it makes playing Rummy Online Games very pleasurable.

It is legal: The Supreme Court has deemed Rummy as game of skill and thereby it is legal to play Rummy Online Games for cash in all states of India except Orissa and Assam. Since this is one legal opportunity for you to use your gaming skills to earn, you can rest easy on the legal aspect of it.