PVP Training or PVP Guide

In this day and age in order to be competitive in online MMORPG’s you need to do everything you can. Some players still live with their parents and don’t have obligations to pay bills and other expenses. Of course you can use a pvp guide, but how can you tell which guides are optimal and not just fluff? How can you tell what’s the best pvp guide and worth spending money on? What about quest help, sometimes it’s hard to get someone to help you in game when you need it the most.

Up until now there hasn’t been a way to really test drive a pvp guide. What if there was? What if you could see reviews on a pvp guide, and test drive it prior to purchasing? Until now there hasn’t been any options like that. Now there are options for a pvp guide, some even surprising options. For instance, what about pvp training? How does 1 on 1 pvp training sound? That sounds like a significant improvement over reading some book or ebook for a pvp guide. Someone training you to pvp could actually notice what you’re doing wrong and give you solid feedback. On you get that kind of treatment and so much more. Game tasks isn’t limited to just pvp, it’s also about getting quest help, instance runs, pretty much anything you can think of that you need help with in game.

Fortunately isn’t about things that will get you banned. They don’t promote gold selling and things of that nature. They’re based around ways to make money that won’t get you banned, like instance runs, quest help, pvp guide, pvp help, and you too can get paid to play. The beautiful thing about game tasks is that you don’t have to send them any really sensitive information. You don’t have to send them any money, or give them your address or credit card number. You simply register for game tasks just like you would for a forum or any other site, the only additional step is to tell them your paypal address so that you have a way to actually get paid to play.

Game tasks has been very professional with me, they’ve given excellent support and I received something way better than a pvp guide, pvp training! They seem really keen on making their customers happy and fulfilled. So how does game tasks actually work? Well, first you register, then you’re free to purchase or you can upload a service you offer in game, such as a pvp guide, pvp training, pve guide, pve training, instance runs, and anything else you can do that won’t get anybody in trouble. When a user wants your service, they pay game tasks, game tasks hold’s onto the money until you complete the service and when the service is marked as complete they release the funds to you, keeping a small portion for providing the service. They even allow you to upload screen shots for proof that you’ve completed the task. Remember that the next time you’re looking for a pvp guide: pvp training is superior!

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